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Chad Stewart


VP of Sales

Chad Stewart grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast and has lived between Baldwin County and Mobile County his entire life. After finishing High School at Ums-Wright Preparatory School in Mobile, he attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Science at New College.

After graduation, Chad started his career in sales with Danka Business Systems selling digital copiers to small businesses, attorney’s offices and large corporations. After two years in this industry, he was able to sign on with Mobile Infirmary as a marketing liaison and called on all businesses within 100 miles to offer up the services provided to injured worker’s by Mobile Infirmary. His primary role was to grow the Workman’s Compensation business for the entire network of specialists associated with Mobile Infirmary as well as market for the Occupational Doctors who ran the Industrial Medical Clinics located in Daphne, Downtown Mobile and in West Mobile. After two years in this industry, Chad was able to get into the pharmaceutical industry with Organon Pharmaceuticals as a sales representative. For five years, Chad worked with Organon selling products for pain management, depression and contraception. This industry provided all the knowledge and support to educate Chad in all the popular selling classes and new products that hit the markets as well as the therapies that were current.

After five years working with Organon Pharmaceuticals, Chad decided to take the knowledge he had and go on his own as a self-employed medical sales representative. He started SRS Consulting Inc. and began brokering services in the medical industry such as Compounding and In-Office Prescription Programs. Chad served as the exclusive marketing firm for Heritage Compounding in Mobile, AL from 2006-2010 and then helped Marian Pharmaceuticals from 2010-2013. During that time, Chad also worked with Keltman Pharmaceuticals. Keltman was a VAWD Accredited Wholesale Distributor out of Jackson, MS and was a major company in the In-Office Dispensing business supplying Generic Medication to clinics. For the next seven years, Chad was able to apply all the knowledge he learned in Workman’s Compensation, Generic Medications and Compounding and apply it to selling to clients in all specialties of medicine. In all the time Chad was selling these products and services, he was competing against DocRx Inc. and Brian Ward.

In 2013, Chad Stewart joined DocRx Inc. to be the National Sales Director. Since his move, DocRx has become the industry leader in In-Office Dispensing. DocRx Inc has also excelled in other ancillary programs and is on the cutting edge in offering products in the fields of telemedicine, genetics and amniotherapy.

Chad enjoys spending time with his wife, Allison and kids, Samuel Rayford who is (15) and Addie Catherine who is (13). Golf, hunting and fishing are all important hobbies Chad keeps in his life as well as playing acoustic guitar.