Wholesale Pharmacy

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Wholesale Pharmacy

DocRx offers industry-leading distribution services, including thousands of branded, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals, sophisticated online ordering, and a full range of packaging solutions.

With our comprehensive portfolio of medical supplies and equipment, home-health care and over-the-counter products, you have the widest selection in the industry to offer your patients as you help optimize their health.

Easily search our online catalogs and product listings to find national brand options. Our wide range of categories includes:

  • Single Use Injection Kits
  • Single Component Cream Kits
  • Hormone Kits
  • Medical Supplies
  • 503B Injections
  • Specialty Pharmacy Products
  • Diagnostic Tests

Our online and mobile ordering system enables you to:

  • track expenses by location or facility
  • enter purchase orders
  • approve invoices
  • access real-time product information and availability.

We can even facilitate the shipping of orders, directly to your patients!

As the nation’s largest distributor of medical supplies and equipment, we help improve the efficiency and productivity of your supply chain so you save time and money, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Our Wholesale Pharmacy Division also utilizes our software to help pharmacies and physicians with PMP live reporting avoid drug diversion, while helping pharmacists and physicians with compliance.

Our products are focused on patients and helping pharmacies and physicians get what they need to treat patients. Contact our Pharmacy Division today and let us help put your Patient’s Health 1st.